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Travel Tips
  • Travel with tickets and money separate in case of theft/loss.
  • Keep valuables and passports safe and only carry enough money for aticipated expenses..
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary, a photo copy of airline tickets, passport identification page, driver´s licence, credit cards, travelers checks, prescriptions medical history, and important business documents with family and / or friend for emergencies.
  • Make sure your health insurance covers medical emergencies away from home. If not, look into purchasing travel insurance.
  • Label each piece of luggage inside and out (name, address, and telephone number). Use covered luggage tags, Intead of your home address, use that of your office information.
  • Bring extra batteries for cameras and electronics. They may be hard to find here, as you are going to be travelling around.
  • When possible leave jewelry at home.
  • Patience, remember You are a visitor to this country. Customs and practices may be different, enjoy the difference!!!!!
  • Pack a small first aid kit (antiseptic, antihistamine, decogestant, band aids, anti itch ointment, diarrhea medications, pain killers (asa) gravol.
  • Protect cameras, batteries etc. in plastic bags. Even the humidity of the Rain Forest can permeate into your electronic equipment.
  • Protection from insects. Insects are attracted to some of the things you carry in your luggage soap, lotions, harmless insects don´t bother people but it is better to have them away from your clothes.


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